Switch Disconnector

Code NXQ880010
GTIN 03700540421132
Name Switch Disconnector
LBS 12kV 400A CTE12 TR TT SF 3I CpP with hookstick command and Controller
Description Overhead Load Break Switch remote controlled installed on MV three-phases 12kV networks, it will isolate automatically a faulty part of a network and thus allows to re-energize all the remaining healthy network.
Vendor Ensto Novexia SAS


• Opening and closing under severe weather conditions
• Two equipment in one, a load break switch and a disconnector
• Easy installation on poles thanks to its high level of integration (MV transformer embedded in the SF6 chamber)
• Rescue manual command by a telescopic adjustable linkage or by a 3 positions hook stick command
• Maintenance free
• Consult us to define your needs (options, packaging, etc.)

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