At Ensto, we have the power to reshape our world for the better. We provide electrical products and solutions for the critical infrastructure that drives the green transition and promotes social equality and development through electrification. 

Sustainability lies at the heart of our strategy and is the driver of our journey forwards. Our mission is to help our valued customers to enhance the sustainability of their operations, by creating durable and innovative products and solutions that deliver a positive impact across their entire life cycle. Our ambition is to be at the forefront of sustainability within our industry. 

To succeed, we know that greater well-being, diversity, and inclusion will empower our people to thrive. We will also continue to ensure that we live by the long-held principles of our family business: equality, transparency, and high ethical standards throughout our value chain.  

By creating smart solutions today, we can build more sustainable energy production and distribution tomorrow. At Ensto, we make life better with electricity. Sustainably. 

Our Key Sustainability Commitments

Our sustainability framework follows Ensto's business strategy. We have defined three key sustainability commitments by focusing on our main stakeholders' needs and requirements. These focus areas are put into practice through concrete action plans that are followed at all levels of the organization.

Enhancing actions on climate and circularity

Ensto builds critical societal infrastructure that helps drive the green transition. We develop durable and innovative products and solutions that advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are dedicated to improving resource efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions across our value chain.

  • Durable and innovative solutions with positive impacts
  • Cutting CO2 emissions at all levels
  • Resource-efficient operations and supply chain
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reduction scope 1 & 2 CO2 emissions by 2025. 


of the R&D investments contribute to Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.


new materials in solutions by 2025.

Empowering employees by providing a safe and inclusive workplace

Ensto aims to provide a workplace where people feel safe, respected and fulfilled, enabling them to boost their wellbeing and perform at their best. Our target is to achieve a zero-accident workplace and we aim to build a culture where diversity is seen as a key asset. We continuously develop our already highly valued employee competence.

  • Zero accidents and thriving people
  • Appreciation of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Excellent employee satisfaction, engagement and competence
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of senior positions held by women and other gender by 2025


employee engagement index to >80 by 2025


sick leaves and strive for zero accidents

Ensuring high ethical standards and compliance across our value chain

Ensto is committed to upholding ethical behavior and respect for human and labor rights and aims to set an example throughout the industry. Our goal is to further integrate sustainability and ethics into our own operations and across the supply chain. We are taking concrete actions to ensure we deliver industry leading standards of ethical, supplier and material compliance, as well as customer privacy and cybersecurity.

  • Culture of ethics and sustainability
  • Sustainable practices throughout our supply chain
  • Customer safety, privacy and cybersecurity
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of suppliers confirmed commitment to our Supplier Code of Conduct by 2025.


of employees trained in ethics and sustainability and all supervisors in diversity and inclusion by 2025.


suppliers’ sustainability performance and embedding sustainability evaluation into the supplier qualification process by 2025.

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