Ensto Phase Balancer was installed to reduce flicker

Sallila Sähkönsiirto, a Finnish electricity distribution company received feedback from an end customer about flickering lights. There was an asymmetry in the network voltage and the flicker had to be reduced, preferably fast. Matti Hallförs, Quality Manager at Sallila Sähkönsiirto, tells that they decided to choose Ensto Phase Balancer because the device repairs the customer's problem quickly and easily. The product was installed in Loimaa, Finland by Sallila network installers in the summer 2017.

- The best way to get the customer happy is to fix his problems fast, and for sure, making large-scale renewals on the network is not possible with a quick schedule. Ensto Phase Balancer was at this point the best way to quickly and efficiently fix the network voltage problems. The device was easy and quick to install. A hoax truck arrived on the spot, the device was lifted to the pole and the installation was done live-line.

This occasion was the first time Sallila Sähkönsiirto used a Power Quality product from Ensto. The device reduced the flicker and increased the short circuit currents. Phase Balancer is installed alongside an existing network in a three-phase low voltage network where voltage variations are most common. The product can be re-used in another location if the network will be renewed in Loimaa and the product will not be needed anymore for the flickering problems on the spot.

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