Ensto in Brief

For over 60 years, Ensto, a growth-oriented and international family business, has been dedicated to electricity with a long-term and human-centric approach. We offer smart and reliable electrical solutions and expertise for electricity distribution system operators and help them to succeed and create a more sustainable tomorrow.

Currently Ensto has a total of 920 employees in 18 countries in Europe and Asia. We are bound by our common purpose: making life better with electricity. Sustainably.

What we do

We have a wide range of products and solutions for low and medium voltage overhead lines and underground cable networks. Solutions for fully covered conductor systems, network automation and cyber secured networks are examples of our offering. To be ready for the future challenges, we constantly search new smart solutions together with our customers.


Where we are

We are a Finnish family business that is actively looking for growth and focusing on business with distribution system operators worldwide. Our experts are present in 17 countries and we have sales to more than 80 countries.

We develop

We design, test and manufacture our own solutions and products. This gives us an opportunity to serve customer needs on an individual level and bring new innovations to the market. Our accredited in-house laboratory supports the development and secures that the products are durable, high-quality and long-lasting.

We manufacture and deliver

We have world-class manufacturing in 7 countries, and we strive for superior quality, efficiency, delivery capability and flexibility in everything we do. Take a closer look at our plants in Estonia, Finland, France, India, Italy, Ireland, and Russia.


Ensto's values describe what we stand for what we expect of others. Our values are what we know to be true, what underlie everything that takes place in our organization; they define how we work, and how we work defines how we are seen externally.

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Our Mission

Our purpose is to make better life with electricity. We fulfil our mission by providing innovative and reliable electrical solutions for better tomorrow with long life-cycle to ensure the electricity distribution in all circumstances.


Our People


We build our business on people and our values, on a long-term basis. At Ensto, we regard our employees as the greatest asset of the company, and we would not exist without them. We want to build a strong company culture with engaged people. It has shown that employee wellbeing contributes to better customer satisfaction and thereby improved business results.


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Ensto is an international family business and a technology company founded by Ensio Miettinen in 1958. Today, the ownership has been transferred to the second and third generation of the family, introducing Ensio’s eight grandchildren.

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Management Team

Ensto's Management Team consists of six members, who are all professionals in their own field.

Board of Directors

We have top experts from different business fields in Ensto's Board of Directors.

Our Operations

Our culture of continuous improvement is based on sustainable, effective and efficient manufacturing. We are constantly striving for world-class manufacturing in our factories. We focus on efficient and agile delivery capability and keep our promises to customer.

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Read how the story of Ensto started over 60 years ago, and how we have evolved during Ensto’s long journey, from when Ensio Miettinen first founded the company until this day.