Ensto Voltage Controller – the Superhero of your grid

Ensto Power Electronics product range expands: The Ensto Voltage Booster gets a little brother, the Ensto Voltage Controller.

Ensto Voltage Controller is a single phase unit that can increase and decrease the line voltage level at the problem points of a low voltage distribution network. If a customer is experiencing problems with lowered or high voltages (caused by solar panels for example), the Ensto Voltage Controller is an ideal solution to solve the problem.

Fast – Compact – Safe

The Ensto Voltage Controller is quick to take in use, compact in size and safe to use.

Installation doesn’t require any special skills: either settings or calibration.

The Ensto Voltage Controller is compact in size and lightweight.

The device is air-cooled and double-isolated, so there is no need for grounding.

Ensto Voltage Controller is protected by a miniature circuit breaker and a control module that monitors the operation of the device, e.g. the transformer temperature. The protection class of the device is IP44, so it’s suitable for a variety of different environmental conditions, from blazing hot to freezing cold.