Working in R&D for More Knowhow

Having studied in the field of electricity and microtechnology, I started working as a temporary employee at Ensto in 2017. My tasks were versatile, and I worked as a cable operator, did mounting, control and repairing of overhead line control boxes, testing of surge arresters, and repairing load break switches in After-Sales Service. These experiences allowed me to be hired on a permanent contract at the R&D department in Ensto’s Bagnères-de-Bigorre plant.

Seeing the Progress Is the Best

Today my job as Product Designer consists of making wiring diagrams for devices and preparing notices for customers, supporting the production, certifying components, drawing parts and devices, and reprogramming of cards. The nicest thing in my work is that I can, based on testing, make the products even better and then see the progress or realization of the development projects. I find this meaningful as it is for the best of the customers – and of the environment, too.

Choosing Ensto for Versatility

I wanted to choose Ensto as the company operates in several areas: low and medium voltage, protection, and cable connection, to mention some. This allows me to vary the work and the tasks, to learn a lot and to increase my knowledge in various fields. I truly value the versatility in my daily job. The knowledge and experience of the people I work with has helped me to develop and improve my knowhow, as the exchanges with people in different positions on project achievements are so fruitful.

Challenges Are Part of the Work

Ensto is a family company, but to be honest, the challenge is that in Bagnères-de-Bigorre we are physically so far from Ensto’s Porvoo headquarters, that the feeling of belonging to the family is sometimes missing. Our local team is very nice and professional, though, and I like working here. The next big quest that I will tackle at my work will be the realization and industrialization of a new Auguste load break switch disconnector.

I am 26 years old and live in Bagnères-de-Bigorre. My hobbies include water sports, discovering new landscapes, nursing animals, reading detective and fantasy novels, watching Netflix and chilling.

Amélie Allemandou

The writer of the blog works as Product Designer in Research and Development department at Ensto in France.

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