Mastering Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Hi, my name is Anubhav Tiwari. I live in Gurugram, Haryana, India, and work as Supply Chain Manager at Ensto in India since July 2021. I have eight years and two months of experience in managing all aspects of logistics and supply chain. 

Why Electrification Industry and Ensto? 

I chose the electrification industry as it is fast-paced and has plenty of opportunities for development. Also, the Indian government has run multiple projects for electricity distribution in rural and urban areas and hence, it creates a lot of business and prospects for companies within electrification. 

Ensto is an international growth-oriented family business and technology company, which creates smart solutions for electricity distribution networks. Here, I like the working culture, values, and the mission of the company. The fascinating thing about Ensto is that it provides its employees with opportunities to give input and feedback, acknowledges the employees’ contributions, and treats us with respect and dignity. 

My Duties and Responsibilities 

In my work I am leading a team of warehouse and logistics professionals. We manage the complete international and domestic logistics, customs clearance, trade laws, inventory management, demand forecasting, and material requirement planning. I am involved in multiple supply chain transformation projects like improving demand forecasting accuracy, ERP improvement for better visibility and smooth flows of information. I am a member of Ensto India’s Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) team. 

Constant Improvement and Quests to Tackle 

There are multiple things we need to tackle and improve in the future. As we know, sustainability lies at the heart of our strategy, and we need to enhance sustainability in our operations. Currently, the logistics sector makes up approximately 11% of global greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce the carbon footprint, we started shipping full container shipments (FCL), optimizing the domestic transportation routes, and using CNG (compressed natural gas) and electric vehicles. Other challenges are for optimizing the inventory levels and warehousing space. It is difficult to predict the demand of customers with accuracy, but we are constantly working towards improving our methods for better integration of supply and demand. 

Achievement in Transportation Lead Time 

My most significant achievement at Ensto is reducing the transportation lead time of export shipments. Previously, we did not have a permission from the Indian customs to stuff the export containers at our factory premises. Hence, the export containers stuffed at the port increased the customs clearance time. Sometimes, due to mishandling, the shipment is damaged while stuffing. To overcome this challenge and reduce the transit lead time, we applied for factory stuffing and self-sealing permission for export containers. After documentation and factory inspection, Ensto got a license for stuffing export containers at factory premises. This achievement not only helps us reduce transit lead time but also ensures the safe movement of shipments. 

Education, Experience and Hobbies 

I have a Bachelor of Technology in mechanical engineering. In addition, I have done multiple short term certification courses like Supply Chain Strategy Management, Data Science & Business Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, Blockchain, etc. During my career, I have worked in multiple industries such as electricity distribution, healthcare, plumbing and pipe tools. In my leisure time, I like to play cricket, go trekking, read books and learn new things, especially related to my supply chain domain.  


Anubhav Tiwari 

The writer of this blog works as Supply Chain Manager, Logistics at Ensto in India.