Niko Helander, SVP, Ensto Operations

b. 1973
Surface and Material, engineer
Worked for the company since 1998

Niko Helander was named Vice President of Ensto Operations in 2015. Prior to this, he was the manager of Ensto's factories in Finland, Russia and India. Today he acts as a Senior Vice President of Ensto Operations.

Niko is a true Ensto person as he has spent his entire full-time career working for Ensto, although his first experience working for the company dates back to when 14-year old Niko had his first summer job, he eventually joined the company full-time in 1998. During his long career at Ensto, Niko has had the opportunity to work for several different departments but has spent the longest time in production.

Niko sees Ensto as a company that concentrates on the right matters. He especially appreciates the open atmosphere and the fact that if you have good ideas, you are free to develop them onwards. Niko sees Ensto as a doing company, it isn't a place where you only think and wait. Over the years, Ensto has offered Niko possibilities to develop, and thanks to an inspiring and experienced working environment he has always had the energy to carry on.

As a sports enthusiast, Niko enjoys spending time doing activities that vary from jogging to spinning, always making sure it stays enjoyable. His seaside summer cottage is very close to his heart and he enjoys relaxing and charging his batteries there. Niko has three children, which all are grown-ups.