Technopolis Fornebu utilises the power and flexibility of Ensto Chago Wallbox

Technopolis Fornebu is one of Norway's largest business parks. Located right outside Oslo where the IT sector has established itself on the grounds of what used to be the Oslo Airport. In its parking facilities, Technopolis has installed 32 charging points by utilising the power and flexibility that the Ensto Chago Wallbox has to offer. All of the units are prepared for dynamic load management and smart grid functionality, so that it is easy to expand the installation as more and more employees that are working in the buildings are getting themselves an electric vehicle.

The facility is operated by Fortum Charge & Drive, that provides payment systems, maintenance, as well as end user support.

Country: Norway
City: Fornebu, Bærum
Type: Chago Wallbox
Year: 2017

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