EV Charging references from around the world

Ensto references and case studies feature household names and industry leaders from around the world. We have delivered EV charging solutions, including thousands of EV charging stations, to over 20 countries since 2009.

Traisenpark, Austria

Traisenpark in St. Pölten is the second largest shopping center in Lower Austria. To further improve the customer shopping experience, Traisenpark offers free electrical vehicle charging, with two Chago Pro EV charging stations and one TESLA branded Chago eFill.

Country: Austria
City: St. Pölten
Type: Chago Pro and Chago eFill
Year: 2016 –

Technology Park Space One, Austria

Technology Park Space One offers a high-quality infrastructural environment for businesses in the medical technology and related sectors. One part of this concept is to provide reliable charging possibilities for electrical vehicles. Chago Station EV chargers perfectly fit into this high-tech environment.

Country: Austria
City: Graz
Type: Chago Station
Year: 2016 –

Ensto EV chargers and professional services to fast food chain Hesburger

Hamburger chain Hesburger will start to offer EV charging for its customers. Hesburger has selected Ensto EV Charging as technology partner. Ensto will deliver a range of fast and quick chargers: Chago Pro, Chago Station and Chago Power and professional services. Hesburger’s chargers are connected to Virta’s commercial back end system.

Country: Finland
City: Turku, Helsinki and Oulu
Type: Chago Pro and Chago Power
Year: 2015 –

KIA Auto, Vilnius

First Ensto EV Charging installation in Vilnius – this will support us in further promotion of EV charging systems in Lithuania!

Country: Lithuania
City: Vilnius
Type: Chago Station
Year: 2015

Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi

The very first Chago Pro was delivered on October 10, 2015 to Napariirin Energia ja Vesi “Artic Circle Energy and Water” operating in Lapland. The delivery included several Chago Pros and a Chago Power 50kW fast charger. The chargers are connected to the Virta. –commercial back end system.

Country: Finland
City: Rovaniemi
Type: Chago Pro and Chago Power
Year: 2015


Partnership with Swiss eMobility service operator. Ensto acted as connector to VIRTA. back end system.

Contiguous agreement with Ensto as preferred AC charging station provider.

Country: Switzerland
City: Several
Type: Chago Station EVC100, Chago Server
Year: 2015 and onwards

Building EV charging network in Moscow

Ensto is tightly involved in the Moscow Electric Transportation -program that is aimed at reducing the negative impacts of transport on the environment. Ensto has supplied 70 EV charging stations to Moscow up to date

Country: Russia
City: Moscow
Type: Chago Station

Kuopio Energy, Finland

Chago Power is Eastern Finland’s first fast EV charging station that opens the route for EV’s to North and East Finland. Chago Power has been designed to serve drivers en-route, where it can charge an EV in approximately 15-30 minutes, depending on the vehicle. The location is one of the busiest service stations in Finland with several millions of visitors annually.

Kuopio Energy has also installed Chago Station AC chargers and has also opted for a Ensto charging network management system (EVS)

Country: Finland
City: Kuopio
Type: Chago Power 50kW, Chago Station, Chago Server
Year: 2015

Virtapiste Chago Wall 1.0 Advertising charging station

This is the future of charging!

Country: Finland
City: Turku
Type: Chago Wall 1.0
Year: 2015


Elmia Exhibition Center, Jönköping, Sweden

Elmia Exhibition Center in Jönköping Sweden wanted to offer charging stations for EV drivers and visitors to the fairs. As a solutions four Chago Station dual chargers were installed in July 2015.

Country: Sweden
City: Jönköping
Type: Chago Station EVC200
Year: 2015

Max Burger Restaurants

MAX Burgers fast food chain wanted to set a high standard for charging stations and to find a Scandinavian manufacturer with local representation in Sweden. Ensto took to this opportunity and offered an unique solution to MAX. Up to date MAX offers four Ensto charging stations at restaurants in Sweden and in Norway

Country: Sweden and Norway
Type: EVP070.12-15
Year: 11/2014

East Village, London, UK

East Village is setting new standards for eco-friendly living in London. The world’s leading architects were challenged to find innovative ways to meet the sustainability standards. The solutions include a centrally managed system for electric vehicle charging, delivered by Ensto.

Country: UK
City: London
Type: Ensto Chago Master, Ensto Chago Station, Ensto Chago Server 

Year: 2014

McDonalds, Finland

Branded McDonalds units for free charging at restaurants. First installation was made at the Tikkurila McDonalds in March 2013.

Country: Finland
City: Helsinki
Type: Ensto Chago Station EVC100
Year: 2013
Operator: Fortum

NIKO, Kyiv, Ukraine

Ensto delivered charging units for Mitsubishi Motors Distributor in Ukraine, “Trade House NIKO”. Dealer of Mitshubishi, company “Trade House NIKO” offers charging solution for electric cars free of charge.

Country: Ukraine
City: Kyiv
Year: 2013-2014

Q-Park, Helsinki, Finland

The Finlandia House Q-Park offers free charging to customers. Q-Park has an ambitious goal to offer charging in their 700 car parks by 2015. The network is managed through Ensto Chago Server software.

Country: Finland
City: Helsinki
Type: Chago Station, Chago Point, Chago Master, Chago Server
Year: 2013- (ongoing)

Car park charging in London Square, UK

Location: Fulham, London, GB
Type: Chago Master, Chago Station, Chago Server, Ensto DLM 
Customer: London Square (via Electrical contractor Haydon M&E London)

Ensto chargers and services to Belorusnet, Belarus

Delivery and commissioning of AC and DC electric vehicle charging infrastructure, training of personnel and delivery of software services to Belorusneft – national petrol station network.

Country: Belarus
City: Minsk, Grodno
Type: Chago Station EVC100, Chago Power EVDC50
Year: 2012-2015

Chago Wall, Advertising Charging Station, Finland

First Chago Wall pilot installed in Helsinki Airport. Charging included in the parking cost.

Customer: Finavia
Partners: Symbicon and ClearChannel
Type: Free standing Chago Wall on concrete foundation, including 2 pcs of Ensto Chago Stations connected to EVS and one 55″ single sided outdoor display (typical power consumption ~600W, max. 1250W)
Year: 2013

Cannes Film Festivals, France

Renault provided rides to celebrities in its electric vehicles at the Cannes Film Festival 2012. Ensto provided all the required charging stations to charge the cars during the event.

Country: France
City: Cannes
Type: Ensto Chago Point EVP070
Year: 2012
Operator: Renault

Disney Theme Parks

Disney theme parks in Paris and Hong Kong selected Ensto charging units for their electric vehicle parking areas. EV charging is provided for personnel and guests of the theme parks.

Countries: France and Hong Kong
Number of installations: 25
Type: Ensto Chago Pole EVT160
Year: 2011-2012
Operator: Disney Park

City of Oslo eMobility infrastructure, Norway

The city of Oslo has been in the forefront to start building the infrastructure for electric traffic. Over 1000 charging units in the city region make up for one of the largest charging infrastructures in the world.

Country: Norway
City: Oslo
Number of installations: 1050
Type: Ensto Chago Pole EVT160
Project span: 2009-2011
Operator: Oslo Kommune