Ensto Phase Balancer installations solved customers´ power quality problems in Baltics

Would you like to maximize the lifetime of existing low voltage grids by having more capacity and safety, with cost-effective and fast ways? In June Baltics had their first Power Quality device, Phase Balancers installed with good results. Installations were done to a countryside in Lithuania and Estonia, where the distribution distances of low voltage are long, and due to distribution losses, the voltage level can drop.

Improvements for weakened short circuit current and low capacity 

Estonian electricity company Elektrilevi needed improvement for weakened short circuit current that appeared in power lines near Viljandi village, whereas Lithuanian customer suffered from low capacity and voltage variations. Our purpose is to ensure high and consistent-quality power distribution and for this, we offered Ensto Phase Balancer. The device increases short circuit current, improves protection devices´ operation time, reduces unwanted neutral wire current and maximizes the existing low voltage capacity.

By installing Phase Balancer it was possible to indicate how fast and cost efficiently the power quality problems can be solved instead of renewing the whole power line. At these locations, installations were ready within a couple of hours and devices were ready for use.

The results after a couple of months after installations:

  • Short circuit currents have increased and almost doubled compared to situation before installation.
  • Voltage variations and flickering indexes (Pst and Plt) have improved significantly.

Phase Balancer brochure

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