Ensto Power Quality – The best power quality for low voltage with high performance and lower distribution losses

Low Voltage Alternating Current (LVAC) power quality solutions improves quality of electricity and makes it safer for the end users. Power Quality products show their best performance in sparsely populated areas and in holiday housing areas. Our solution enables minimal investment costs but considerably improves low voltage networks.

The distribution distances of low voltage can be long, and due to distribution losses, the voltage level can drop. Disturbances like harmonic waves, voltage and frequency variations are rather common. Our Power Quality products are the solution for these unwanted situations. 

Why choose power quality solution?

  • Eliminate common problems with the electricity supply.
  • Decrease unwanted neutral wire current and harmonic waves.
  • Balance and control line voltage variations.
  • Increases the end users safety.
  • Are reusable.
  • Are ecological.

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Ensto Phase Balancer

Phase Balancer corrects unbalanced loads in three phase networks and improves safety at the same time. The end users can enjoy safe and balanced electricity without worries about flickering lights or overloading the network.

Phase Balancer can be used in several different locations in three phase networks, depending on which power quality problem has to be solved. It offers multiple features that help utility network companies to improve capacity in low voltage network. Parallel connection allows fast and secure installation that saves investment costs.

  • Versatile and efficient – Maximizes the existing low voltage capacity, reduces line losses, flicker, and total harmonic distortion (THD).
  • Safe – Increases short circuit current, improves protection devices´ operation time and reduces unwanted neutral wire current.
  • Cost efficient – Enables minimal investment costs but considerably improves low voltage networks.

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Ensto Voltage Controller

Voltage Controller is a single-phase solution, which is installed close to the energy consumer interface, where lowered or over voltage problem exist.

Voltage Controller is protected by a miniature circuit breaker and a control module that monitors the operation of the device, e.g. the transformer temperature. The protection class of the device is IP44, so it’s suitable for a variety of different environmental conditions, from blazing hot to freezing cold.

  • Compact – Lightweight, efficient, and double isolated – there is no need for grounding.
  • Ecological and recyclable – Air-cooled, manufactured from ecological materials, and fully recyclable.

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