Ensto Rapid makes work easier for everyone

Why must cable distribution cabinet be specified and installed again and again, when the components remain the same? Can we improve on the traditional ways of operating? These were the questions behind the design of the Ensto Rapid, created in collaboration with utility customers.

An experienced electricity network designer says that the introduction of innovative new products always warms the mind in an industry where the solutions are largely established. Project Manager Aimo Kukkonen, from the Finnish design agency TSS Group, became familiar with the Ensto Rapid through several design projects for the distribution network. He finds the idea of a pre-assembled cable distribution cabinet excellent, thanks to the clarity it provides.

“A designer’s work becomes easier when you can select the most suitable cable distribution cabinet from among ready alternatives. Until now, every distribution cabinet had to be assembled, piece by piece, first on the design table and after that in the installation phase,” he explains.

Kukkonen finds it useful that a complete, ready-made product now exists for cabling of underground network, especially in rural areas – one ensuring appropriate electrical values, plenty of room for installation, and compact design. This lets the network designer choose, with one click of the mouse, the most affordable solution in overall economic terms, one that benefits every operator, from the network company to the contractor. Kukkonen sees this solution as becoming a hit product once all parties become more familiar with it. 

Cable distribution cabinets delivered ready for connecting

Network installer Henri Palomäki, from Pohjolan Werkonrakennus, got a feel for the new product when first ready-equipped Rapid cable distribution cabinets were delivered to a construction site in Vesilahti in the province of Pirkanmaa in Finland. Digging of the bases was soon under way, and the distribution cabinets were moved into place and installed in the usual manner.

When everything was ready for the installers, it was noticed that the content of the cabinets differed from one to the next – precisely as intended. The most convenient way to cope with this lesson was to exchange some back plates between cabinets. Palomäki gives a good tip: be careful when you read package markings on site, to make sure each distribution cabinet goes in the right location.

Palomäki regrets that he was unable to attend product training for the Ensto Pro. When a new product solution also improves the ways of working on site, training is particularly important. He appreciates the idea of a faster and easier installation process and welcomes ready-equipped Rapid cabinets for the next construction sites.

Towards weatherproof distribution networks

Turkka Kalliorinne, a procurement expert at network company Elenia, has positive experiences of the new cable distribution cabinet. As the responsible person for technical specification of the distribution network materials he contributed to the development of the Rapid cabinet through a cooperation project with Ensto.

Kalliorinne cites other benefits as examples, among them the wide cross-section range for the main cables and the first fuse switch. Another first is an approach that enables connection of more cables than before under the same fuse switch.

“These features make the Rapid cable distribution cabinet the optimal solution for areas with old single-family houses, for instance,” Kalliorinne explains, adding, “The ready assembled cabinet solutions cover the majority of our needs, and we plan to start using them more widely.”

”Nämä piirteet tekevät valmiista jakokaapista optimaalisen esimerkiksi vanhoille omakotitalo-alueille”, Turkka Kalliorinne kertoo. ”Kaappien harkitut valmisvaihtoehdot kattavat valtaosan tarpeista ja aiommekin ottaa ne laajempaan käyttöön”.

Additional information:

Raine Teräsvuori, Product Manager, Underground Cable Solutions, raine.terasvuori@ensto.com