Ensto Lighting provided lighting for Combined School and Nursery Pontus

Combined School and Nursery Pontus opened its doors to pupils this autumn. The school is located in attractive new premises in Lappeenranta. It provides an innovative learning environment where children of different ages study together in flexible open-plan study spaces. The study spaces and corridors are illuminated with Diana Flat LED luminaires. These modular light fittings feature microprism optics and DALI connection devices. —Diana Flat LED modular luminaires was chosen for the new school and we delivered around 700 luminaires for its study spaces and corridors, Area Manager Timo Karhu from Ensto Lighting says.

Combined School and Nursery Pontus offers a completely new kind of learning environment. The premises are divided into cells, with each cell accommodating around 90 children. There are no traditional classrooms or desks here – the cells are flexible open-plan learning spaces.

The school premises are illuminated with 600×600 mm modular luminaires, which feature decorative round attachments that add variation and character to their appearance. "The glare from these high-quality luminaires is minimal (their UGR rating is under 19), which means that they are also suitable for spaces where computers or tablets are used," explains Ensto Lighting's Area Manager Timo Karhu.

The electrical contractor for the project was Are Oy. Procurement Manager Jari Hänninen was responsible for procurement of the school's light fittings. "Ensto had cost-efficient luminaires that were suitable for the needs of the school, and everything was completed on time," he says. Hänninen has been working in collaboration with Ensto for several years now. He says that he has enjoyed working with Ensto, who have proved to be a reliable partner.

A colourful place for learning

The colour scheme of the new school is based on bright, vibrant colours, such as green, purple and orange. These colours are used in sofas, fabric stools, beanbag chairs and other furniture. Instead of traditional desks, the pupils have access to key-operated lockers. The acoustics have been improved with high-backed sofas and paintings created by the pupils. The modular ceilings of the corridors feature playful use of colours, with repeated patterns of squares of different colours.

The shape of the luminaires is used in combination with the colour scheme to create interesting, eye-catching shapes. The areas around the luminaires might have bright orange and purple ceiling modules, for example. The square patterns used on the ceilings are part of the general colour scheme of the school, which is carried through to the lockers and other furniture, for example.

Diana Flat LED – better general lighting and more optical options

Ensto provides also lighting design for the projects and solutions for both indoors and outdoors. Flexible study and work spaces present some unique challenges when it comes to lighting. In the case of Combined School and Nursery Pontus, optical solutions such as DALI connection devices were used to create high-quality general lighting. The microprism optics of the Diana Flat LED luminaires provides even illumination while also giving the luminaires a stylish appearance.

Ensto luminaires offer a wide range of optical solutions: symmetrical, wide-beam and uplight optics are only a few examples of the features options with Ensto's standard range. Each product family offers a number of options for light distribution and intensity.

With DALI connection devices, the luminaires can be connected to DALI-based control systems and smart buildingss. In contrast to many conventional control systems, DALI allows for luminaire-specific dimming and control, and it can offer significant energy savings.

Ensto's Tunable White solution is an excellent starting point for a human-centric lighting solution. Ensto TW luminaires are compatible with nearly all control solutions that can be used for adjusting the colour temperature between 2,700 and 6,500 K. Tunable White is a modern solution for today's busy offices and school premises.

Combined School and Nursery Pontus
Address: Muukontie 12, 53300 Lappeenranta, Finland
Completion date: 30 June 2017
Electrical contractor: Are Oy
Further information: www.ensto.com, janne.naranen@ensto.com

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