Ensto Cubo S enclosures are used to house electronics

POLON-ALFA, a Polish enterprise, conducts R & D and production activities in fire detection and alarm systems. As a factory specializing in the design and production of equipment used in several important fields (such as defense, the power industry, nuclear medicine) POLON-ALFA uses highly advanced research and quality control methods. It offers a broad range of instruments for the measurement of ionizing radiation e.g. radiometers, radiation monitors, portal monitors and probes etc.

Ensto Electrification delivered three different enclosure units in 2010 and cooperation has continued ever since. Ensto Cubo S enclosures are used to house electronics, such as control units in fire protection installations (automatic doors, smoke sensors and ventilation). We already have exciting plans for this year and will soon exceed last year’s number of delivered enclosures.

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