Ensto Cubo P Assembly at a Major Poultry Farm

An egg is one of the best enclosures in the world – it is completely watertight and impermeable to dust, so it merits an enclosure class of at least IP65. The versatile, modular Ensto Cubo P panel building system, manufactured from high-quality polycarbonate is not dissimilar - it also has an enclosure class of IP65. It is very well suited as an enclosure solution for the agricultural industry: the distribution board assembly for the Retulainen Oy cage-free henhouse was executed using the Ensto Cubo P system.

Gistele Oy, a Finnish panel builder, built the distribution board assembly for the project. To help with the design work, Gistele used the new Ensto Cubo P calculation software, which simplifies both component calculations for the distribution board assembly and the drafting of tenders.

Rauno Kulmala, the project contractor, welcomed the adjustable depth of the front panels in the Ensto Cubo P panel building system. The unique corner elevators allow step-less adjustment of cover position – a significant feature when working with components of different sizes. The ventilation devices included in the panel system’s range of accessories were also praised by the contractor. The frequency converter is also located behind a clear cover, so that all of its functions are clearly visible.

The polycarbonate Ensto Cubo P panel building system is extremely well suited for use in agriculture in areas exposed to dust or ammonia. The polycarbonate enclosures, with grey covers, can also be used outdoors. As a rule of thumb, it can be said that wherever people are comfortable, polycarbonate can be used.

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