Ensto Cubo enclosures moving on in the Prague metro

The machinery industry in the Czech Republic is very large, manufacturing e.g. underground trains. And now, Ensto Cubo enclosures are moving on in the Prague metro.

The enclosures in this application are mounted under the train. The customer, Siemens - SVK Prague, originally planned to use polyethylene enclosures of another manufacturer.

These enclosures, however, did not withstand the extreme conditions, and the customer was about to change over to aluminium enclosures. At this point, we came in with our polycarbonate Ensto Cubo enclosures.

The lifetime of this application is calculated to be at least 30 years. The trains are permanently moving 20 hours per day, under conditions changing quickly from frost to normal temperature, from sunshine to cold tunnels. The vibration is continuous. Ensto Cubo is now also used in the interior parts of the train, in climatization. The customer is satisfied: he feels safe with Ensto Cubo.


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