Live line connectors stand for better results

Ensto’s medium voltage live line connectors enable working on an energized overhead line distribution network thus preventing interruptions in the electricity distribution. Because there is no need to shut the grid down for maintenance or installation work the number of planned interruptions decreases. This in turn means less service breaks for the end users and money savings for the distribution system owner.

Safety, efficiency, durability

As the live line work is demanding the importance of safe and easy installation of the live line products is always a priority. Ensto has listened to the distribution network installers and designed the live line connectors to respond to their needs. The product design has been optimized for excellent usability, functionality, and efficiency: quick, easy, and safe installation. One example is the design of SL30 and SLW36 with integrated guider which makes the mounting of the connector on the conductor easier.

Ensto’s live line connectors are used as a branching connector or personal grounding connector on both medium voltage bare lines and covered lines. The products are made of weather-proof, corrosion resistant, and electrically and mechanically durable materials, and designed to be operated with live line stick tools.

Improved saidi and saifi index ratios

It is quite often forgotten that just by selecting correct, high-quality products the frequency and duration of power outages can significantly be minimized. This in turn has an effect on the SAIDI and SAIDI index ratios. The SAIDI indicates the average duration of a break in electricity supply in minutes per customer and the SAIFI is an indicator for the number of interruptions per consumer. These indexes are followed by all utilities and the energy regulation committees around the world and when using Ensto’s live line connectors it is possible to get better results both financially and index-wise. The live line products are part of the medium voltage FCCS, Full Covered Conductor Solution for minimizing distribution interruptions. The SL30 series’ live line connectors can be used on bare lines, too.

Ensto’s live line connectors improve the safety and cost-efficiency of the installation work:

  • Safe and easy to install.
  • Suitable for both medium voltage bare lines and covered lines.
  • Decreased number of planned distribution interruptions.
  • High-quality, durable, and weather-proof materials.
  • Better power quality for the end users.
  • Better SAIDI and SAIDI index ratios.
  • Simple and cheap retrofit disconnection points.