Live line connector

Code SL30
GTIN 6418677403705
Name Live line connector
Al 25–150 mm² and Al 25–150 mm²
Description SL30 is used with bare conductors as a branching connector. With PAS lines, the branching connector is installed to the live line stirrup. The connector is of corrosion resistant aluminium and the bolts of stainless steel. With Cu-branch conductor, the sleeve PSS830 is used. The installation can be made with the live line rod. Live-line clamp is used for branching the line or connecting / disconnecting the transformer live. In SL30 branching point is downwards.
Vendor Ensto Finland Oy


  • Safe and easy to install.
  • High-quality, durable, and weather-proof materials.
  • Suitable for medium voltage bare and covered lines.
  • Decreased number of planned distribution interruptions.
  • Better SAIDI and SAIDI index ratios.
  • Simple and cheap retrofit disconnection points.
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