Ensto DualWhite luminaires – one luminaire, two colour temperatures

Ensto’s AVR320, Velox panel, Ali, Alisa and Ami ranges are now available as new updated models equipped with the DualWhite feature. While installing the luminaire, the technician selects either the warm 3,000 K or the activating 4,000 K colour temperature function in line with the application and the customer’s needs. Ensto’s DualWhite range offers solutions for both public and residential properties.

DualWhite – choose your colour temperature

Ensto’s AVR320, Velox panel, Ali, Alisa and Ami ranges are now available with the DualWhite feature. The colour temperature is easy to select during installation, ensuring that the lighting solution always meets the needs of the project and the customer. Being able to choose the colour temperature offers added value to the customer. ‘In both renovation projects and new buildings, it’s common to offer residents the opportunity to select some of the materials, including tiles and other surface materials. With the DualWhite solution, the tone of light can also be freely selected without the need for additional work at the design, procurement or installation stage,’ explains Janne Anderson, a product manager at Ensto Lighting.

Ensto AVR320 DualWhite an extensive selection of smart, cutting-edge technology and high-quality illumination

Ensto AVR320 DualWhite offers the most extensive selection of luminaires for public spaces and private homes available on the market. This product range consists of elegant luminaires complete with top-notch technical properties. They enable you to realise a high-quality, energy-efficient general lighting solution for your property during construction or renovation.

The versatile AVR320 DW range offers almost unlimited choice, from design frames and decorative rings to motion detectors in which the signal can be transferred wirelessly from one luminaire to another. The luminaires are designed for easy installation. They can be mounted on the wall or ceiling surface or partially recessed. They are also suitable for individual installation and master-slave arrangements.

Ensto Velox panels the next step for DualWhite general lighting

The Ensto Velox DualWhite panel range offers solutions for general, task, spot and accent lighting in residential properties. The Velox LED panels blend in with the decor in all applications from utility rooms to bedrooms, and they can be installed during construction or retrofitted during renovation. With their opal diffusers, Velox panels provide efficient and bright lighting for day-to-day chores. Elegant in design, the luminaires blend in with their surroundings, making them an ideal lighting choice for both modern and classical decor. With Velox LED panels, you can achieve dimmable ambient lighting for your home, whether you are building a new house or renovating an old one. The dimmer feature enables you to achieve the right level of illumination. The Velox product range includes round and rectangular models in various sizes, which are available with surface and recess mounts. The recess-mounted models are also suitable for wet spaces (IP44). The colour options are classic white and elegant grey.

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Ali and Alisa DualWhite Classical task and bathroom lighting solutions complete with modern technology

The Ali and Alisa DualWhite task and bathroom lighting ranges were developed to bring effective illumination to spaces where it is needed most. Designed for indoor use, these luminaires offer even and bright light for everyday tasks. Household chores are easier and more pleasant to carry out in good lighting conditions that also create an atmospheric and elegant ambience in wet rooms and other utility spaces.

Ali DualWhite is a clean-lined and stylish task lighting solution for cooking and preparation spaces. The extensive Ali DualWhite product range offers a solution for all kitchen lighting needs, including versions equipped with one or two double sockets and a switch. The models with a socket can be installed in either orientation.

Alisa DualWhite offers an effective and modern lighting solution for bathrooms and utility rooms. The luminaires are suitable for general and task lighting in wet spaces (IP44). Their design allows for installation directly against the wall or at an angle. The general and task lighting solutions in the range are resistant to dripping water.

Ami DualWhite task lighting solutions – the choice of professionals

Ami DualWhite is a slim-lined, elegant and energy-efficient LED and T5 workspace luminaire. Its design allows for installation directly against the surface or at an angle. The luminaires combine several properties valued by professionals: they are versatile, easy to install and slimline in design. With their slim design, they can be installed behind a kitchen cabinet’s lighting strip to prevent glare. Equipped with an LED module or a T5 fluorescent lamp and an electronic ballast, Ami offers effective illumination with low power consumption. The AL120 and AL120L ranges, which are not equipped with a socket, come into their own as ceiling lighting solutions in attics, basements and hobby spaces.

Ensto’s DualWhite luminaires enable you to create a suitable general, task, bathroom and utility room lighting arrangement for both residential and public properties. Providing two colour temperatures in a single package, the DualWhite solution offers you more options to choose from and saves space for wholesalers, collection points and installers.

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