Automatic fault detection and location with Ensto’s load break switch disconnector

Ensto’s Auguste is a two-in-one solution: The versatile product includes both an automated load-break switch and a disconnector. This combination not only detects and isolates the faulty part but also manages and helps to reconfigure the medium voltage electricity network easier and faster during power outages. After having detected the fault in a couple of minutes, the product simultaneously allows the recovery of power supply in the remaining part of the grid. That, in turn, ensures the supply to end users. A full-load disconnection is enabled from 400 to 630 A of a 10 to 36kV line.

Superhero of the fault situations

The reliable functioning of a switchgear is crucial when a fault occurs. The Auguste is designed to withstand even the most severe climatic conditions from -50°C to +55°C in all types of overhead line networks all over the world. Thanks to its high-quality materials, SF6 gas insulation optimization and extensive testing the device operates extremely reliably. Hence, it enables improved rates of the SAIDI and SAIFI supply reliability indexes.

Factual saving of money and minutes

Naturally, money is saved when the power is restored quickly after the fault appears. The Auguste is controlled remotely from a control center (SCADA), and as there is no need to travel to the faulty point, money and time savings are remarkable. Radio, GSM/GPRS and IP transmissions are used in accordance with several international communication protocols, and the cyber security aspect has carefully been taken into account.

The savings start at the moment of installation thanks to the integrated modular design. As the transformer is embedded in the SF6 chamber and the surge arresters are fitted on the tank just before installation, the assembly is always fast and easy, and takes only a half-day.

Customizing offers customer-specific solutions

The maintenance-free Auguste is Smart grid compatible. Its automation, measurement and remote-control characteristics allow gathering data to be used in decision making and future planning. In principle the Auguste can be customized with almost limitless specifications and customer needs in accordance with the international IEC standards.

The advantages of Ensto load break switch disconnetor:

Simple and safe product design

  • Compact and protected structure – two equipments in one, a load break switch and a disconnector.
  • Easy to install to the medium voltage pole without changes in the top structure.
  • Operation under severe weather conditions.
  • Maintenance free.

Guaranteed reliability of electrical networks

  • Used in all types of overhead distribution networks, in both rural and
    urban environments.
  • Automatically separates a damaged power line, which also makes it easier to locate the fault.
  • Shortens the duration of power outages and reduces the impact area of breaks.
  • Smart grid contributor / SCADA Connected OHL switch using IEC protocols.
  • Reduces the cost of disruptions due to supply disruptions and improves SAIDI & SAIFI indexes 


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