Network automation – for more effective limitation of power cuts

Ensto’s intelligent network automation solutions, such as Smartcloser reclosers and Auguste load break switch disconnectors, make the electricity distribution grid more reliable and safer by significantly shortening the duration of power outages. The solutions reduce the expense of maintaining overhead lines and the costs of breaks in transmission.

Uninterrupted power distribution is a key concern for every customer. In the event of damage to the supply network, a large part of the network may be hit by interruptions, and the source of the problem can take a long time to find. The main reasons for prolonged power cuts are trees that have fallen on power lines, storms, and snow loads on the lines. Shorter outages of a few seconds are usually due to thunderstorms or birds on the lines.

Ensto’s network automation technology is available as comprehensive solutions where both the Smartcloser and Auguste network automation devices can be used. A solution is also available for protecting a single part of a network. The solutions are ideally suited to the difficult environmental and weather conditions in Finland, and are suitable for all types of medium-voltage overhead line networks.

Why choose network automation?

Ensto has many years of experience around the world in network automation products and solutions that reliably reduce the cost of disruption due to interruptions in supply, and improve the SAIDI and SAIFI indices. Network automation

  • Shortens the duration of power cuts and reduces the impact area of breaks
  • Detects faults 
  • Automatically separates the affected part of power line, making it easier to locatet the fault
  • Reduces expenses
  • Reduces the cost of disruption due to interruptions in supply, and improves security of supply


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Ensto Auguste load break switch disconnector for all conditions

Ensto’s Auguste load break switch disconnector is designed to connect and disconnect a load current of 630 A in medium-voltage overhead line networks. In the event of a fault, the load break switch disconnector automatically separates the affected stretch of line from the trunk line.

The device can replace conventional hand-held and remote switch disconnectors for overhead lines. The modular design allows the device to be customised to the requirements and intended uses of different networks. The load break switch disconnector is completely maintenance-free and filled with low-pressure SF6 gas, with a minimum life of 30 years without gas replenishment. The device also has a built-in auxiliary transformer.

One of the most important features of the device is its closed structure, making it suitable for the tough weather conditions in Finland. The load break switch disconnector does not need to be serviced, and the batteries need not be replaced during its lifespan. Conventional remotely operated overhead line load break switch disconnectors need technical inspection at least once every two years, which often entails interruptions to electricity distribution and labour costs for equipment inspection and maintenance.

Auguste load break switch disconnector

Ensto Auguste Load Break Switch Disconnector

Ensto’s Smartcloser recloser makes problem location easier

Ensto’s recloser Smartcloser automatically isolates faults from the network, securing the power distribution line upstream of the fault. Reclosers allow the affected area to be narrowed down more precisely and quickly, reducing the scale of disruption of supply to customers.

The recloser is installed directly onto the overhead line network – no foundation work or ground cable heads are required. The device is more cost-effective than installing circuit breakers in transformer substations or underground cabling. It is also the fastest way to improve the quality and security of supply to upstream customers.

Compared to remote-controlled load break switch disconnectors, the recloser automatically detects faults behind it, isolates defective network parts and acts as an independent protective device. The number of defects does not decrease, but the size of the area they affect is reduced and the disturbances “behind” the recloser do not affect the customers upstream of the defect. The recloser can also be used as a switching device in the same manner as a switch disconnector.

The recloser is programmed automatically to isolate the fault area by activating and deactivating the recloser several times. If the fault is permanent, the recloser remains open. The solution is highly reliable, and can be used in any medium-voltage overhead line network.


Ensto Smartcloser Recloser

We believe in customer-oriented service

We at Ensto believe that seamless cooperation benefits everyone. We provide solutions that help electricity supply companies make cost-effective and long-term investments, meeting both statutory and consumer requirements. In customised projects in particular it is important to know the operating environment of our customers and their operating methods.

The network automation solutions we provide are always gone through in close cooperation with the customer. Our highly skilled salespeople are on hand every step of the process, including in the installation and commissioning phases. Our technical support and expertise are always available to our customers.

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