The Leading Smart Electrical Solution Provider in the Nordics and a Strong Specialist in Selected Niche Markets

As informed earlier, we have announced a new "Two businesses, two focuses" strategy where our company will consist of two separate businesses with their own visions, strategies, employees, organizations and legal companies. From January 1, 2021 onwards, the Ensto family will consist of two businesses with their separate focuses: Ensto Building Systems (EBS) and Ensto DSO (Distribution System Operators). The changes are designed to maintain Ensto’s competitiveness and to enable growth through a more dedicated customer and business focus.

At the core of EBS, our goal is to become the leading smart electrical solution provider in the Nordics and a strong specialist in selected niche markets like marine business in Italy, electric heating in Russia, installation and cabling in France and enclosures and components on a global level, as well as ensuring EV Charging growth in selected markets.

To reach our targets, we need to ensure our undivided attention and focus to our business operationally and organizationally. Having our own vision, strategy and resources will enable this focus and support us in reaching our growth targets. From the beginning of 2021, Ensto Building Systems' business belongs to Ensto Building Systems Oy, with Jukka Tiitu as its President and Managing Director. The company works under Ensto Invest Oy with Hannu Keinänen as the President and CEO.

We work in seven different product areas where our customers have a wide variety of needs. Our product areas are lighting, industrial electrification including enclosures and components, residential electrification including heating, panel boards and wiring accessories, cable management, cabling systems in France, EV charging ja marine. To serve our customers even better, we will offer better service through more focused and dedicated teams with clearer responsibilities. With these dedicated teams, we will win more business together with our customers.

Despite taking separate steps, we will continue to share best practices as well the strong brand, history and culture of Ensto with our “sister” business, Ensto DSO. Our shared mission, “Better life with electricity”, values and governance as well as the support of our committed owner, the Miettinen family, will continue to drive us on.

Jukka Tiitu
President and Managing Director
Ensto Building Systems