Ensto's New Growth Strategy: Two Businesses, Two Focuses

We are delighted to announce our new strategy where our company will consist of two separate businesses with their own visions, strategies, employees, organizations and legal companies. The changes will be implemented starting from next year, and they are designed to maintain Ensto’s competitiveness and to enable growth through a more dedicated customer and business focus.

Over decades, Ensto has built a profitable business from scratch. During the long journey, from when Mr. Ensio Miettinen first founded the company in 1958, electricity has evolved side by side with Ensto. This success story has led to two successful businesses, the electricity distribution business and the building electrification business.

To ensure the growth and long-term development of Ensto’s businesses, we announce a new strategy that allows a clear focus and strategic direction to both businesses individually. From January 1, 2021 onwards, Ensto will consist of two separate businesses: Ensto DSO (Distribution System Operators) and Ensto Building Systems. Ensto DSO business belongs to Ensto Oy with Mr. Hannu Keinänen as a President and CEO, and Ensto Building Systems' business belongs to Ensto Building Systems Oy, with Mr. Jukka Tiitu as its President and Managing Director. Both companies are under Ensto Invest Oy with Hannu as the President and CEO.

“Over time, both of our businesses have grown and evolved to the point that creating two businesses with separate focuses is a natural next step on our growth journey. By developing each of them to their optimal directions, we ensure that both can continue to serve their customers even better and reach leading positions in their target markets,” says Ensto Group President and CEO Hannu Keinänen.

In the long run, the changes we are making are about maintaining our competitiveness and ability to grow, benefiting both businesses, our employees, customers and other stakeholders. For customers, we are able to offer better service through more focused and dedicated sales teams with clearer responsibilities. We can offer more focused expertise to the specific needs of our customers through our dedicated specialists.

Despite the clearer cut between two businesses, they will continue to share Ensto’s mission of “Better life with electricity”, as well as the strong brand, values, culture and history of Ensto.

Ms. Marjo Miettinen, the Chairman of the Board of Ensto and representative of the company owner, the Miettinen family, is excited about the new strategy: “We are thrilled to see how Ensto DSO and Ensto Building Systems will develop and grow as more independent entities, while continuing to share the values that are closest to the heart of Ensto. I believe that the strategy of two businesses and two focuses will unlock growth for both businesses, and for the whole of Ensto.”

Hannu Keinänen
President and CEO, Ensto Group