Ensto participates in the Junction 2018 hackathon

The most exciting weekend of 2018 is approaching as Europe's biggest hackathon, Junction 2018, takes place in Finland in November. Junction presents a unique possibility to reach and interact with emerging tech talents to discover the latest developments in digital technologies. Ensto is happy to be part of the event and targets to develop its digital solutions.

Participation in the event is part of the Ensto's innovation program called Ensto Flow. The program enables Ensto to investigate technologies and services, within our own organization and beyond. Ensto Flow consists of two tracks, the Prototyping track for early phase experiments and the Ecosystem track for systems integration. Read more about Ensto Flow.

Junction 2018

Junction is all about developers – it brings together the most ambitious creators and top-tier partners to hack and learn with the latest technologies. The Junction community has grown larger than ever and is now a globally recognized event where tech talents meet. It is expected to reach around 1 300 participants to attend the event on November 23–25th in Espoo, Finland. Last year the weekend resulted in over 320 projects, which utilized new, emerging technologies from artificial intelligence to virtual reality.

The event is built around 10–15 tracks each having multiple challenges set by partner companies, including Ensto as one of them. Ensto challenges tech talents to create for instance a mind-blowing electric car charging experience for the end users utilizing the Ensto REST API.

Why are EV charging solutions needed?

The number of electric cars is increasing dramatically, and in the Nordic countries, the share of electric cars has increased faster than elsewhere in the world. Improved charging possibilities are prerequisite for the growth of the electric car base. The number of all public charging stations has increased by about 90% during the year.

Ensto´s EV products and solutions are designed to work in any environment. EV charging solutions are offering a secure and reliable infrastructure responding to users´ needs. By providing useful and valuable data with digital technology, Ensto increases the value of traditional products throughout their life-cycle. Ensto develops smart electrical solutions to all its´ businesses. We believe in a better life with electricity and a more sustainable tomorrow.

Read more about Junction 2018.


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