Ensto Flow is Ensto's innovation program

Ensto Flow is Ensto's new program that enables Ensto to investigate technologies and services, within our own organization and beyond. The program consists of two tracks, the Prototyping track for early phase experiments and the Ecosystem track for systems integration.

In the Prototyping track, Ensto and third parties will build one offs to test the impact of new technologies and service models. These concepts may then grow up to be real products or services or simply provide important learnings about the future.

"While we have built prototypes with other companies before, Ensto Flow gives us a framework to operate in and an opportunity to seek feedback from the market by communicating more openly about early stage initiatives," explains CTO Visa Parviainen from Ensto Solutions.

In the Ecosystem track, Ensto and partners will share control APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or data with one another to create interesting new services by combining functionality from each other. Notable about the ecosystem track is that participation is not exclusive, partners are likely to work with other companies besides Ensto in a similar context and Ensto may have multiple partners providing a similar service.

"We already have a number of ecosystem partners. Many companies have implemented their own systems to control Ensto Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. I expect in time, a number of different systems will be able to control Ensto products beyond the EV chargers, " continues Visa.

Ensto Flow will continue to grow Ensto's collaboration with partners, with first projects coming out during early 2018.

Additional information:
Visa Parviainen, Chief Technology Officer, Ensto Solutions, tel. +358 45 650 4658, visa.parviainen@ensto.com