EV wall charger Ensto Wallbox - Your small solution for spaces large and small

As EVs fill our roads and car-parks, it seems that the limited charging spaces are getting full fast. This creates the problem of how to fit enough charging points to spaces we have available. You too, may have come across with this problem in your business facilities, commercial charging spaces, or even in your own home garage. The answer to our problem is to move EV chargers from floors to walls, in other words: EV wall charging.


A size smaller charging unit, can power your customers, employees, and yourself with EV battery charged to full 100% as well as a larger charger. You can do it with our smart, wall-mounted Ensto Wallbox EV charger, that fits in any indoors space, be it your own garage, large parking-space or public charging point.


Ensto Wallbox - Filling batteries and solving your space issues

Wallbox has been selected as the go-to EV charger in Norwegian airports by Avinor, who ordered 1000 units to supply energy for electric cars in the airport parking spaces around Norway. And Ensto did supply them.


Additionally, Wallbox supplies energy to EVs in Technopolis Fornebu business parks, and numerous private homes around the world.

Ensto Chago Wallbox 2018_web.jpg

EV wall charger - Ensto Wallbox - in use. One 2-sided unit can power electricity for two EVs simultaneously.


So, is this charger equally suited to fill your car battery and serve the needs of your customers? Let’s have a look, what the optimal place for Ensto Wallbox looks like.


The perfect place for wall mounted Ensto Wallbox

Now, on what kind of facilities and locations is the compact Ensto Wallbox best suited for? I have to say, that it really shines in every kind of indoors provided EV charging space, whether used for public (Avinor) or private (business parks/home) charging.


That is for the reason, that our small sized charger solves the issue of EV charging in limited spaces in effective and stylish way. Ít’s dual charging capabilities can provide electricity for two EVs simultaneously, and it’s smart charging functions, give you full 100% control over who gets to load their car with it. That means goodbye to unknown electricity thiefs. Additionally with Wallbox, you can enjoy its low life cycle costs and vehicle to grid (V2G) ready functions.


So, Ensto Wallbox is extremely powerful tool to harness customer and employee satisfaction in indoors and closed spaces where EV charging is needed.

And to make your charger management easier, we made it remote.


Managing your Wallbox - Easy, effortless and remotely done

Wallbox is a smart EV wall charger, that was designed with the future in mind. You can monitor, control and track it’s operations remotely with our management software. This eliminates the need for any unnecessary in-person maintenance.


The remote management is done using Ensto EV Manager, the intuitive management interface, that allows monitoring of charging data, and smooth control over the charger’s operations. It makes the use of wall attached Wallbox easy for the management personnel, while simultaneously creating enjoyable user experience for the end-user (customer/private charger owner) of your charger. Now, the EV owner can simply plug in his/her car, and let the charger - with Ensto EV Manager - take care of the rest.


The remote functions of Wallbox, enabled by Ensto EV Manager, can be especially useful for companies, that provide EV charging with multiple chargers, or manage charging points in separate locations.


The use case for businesses - Why Ensto Wallbox

For businesses, Wallbox has some interesting features, that can be handy for b2c and b2b companies.


With Ensto EV Manager, it is easy to combine Wallbox with your existing apps, loyalty programs, or customer portals. This enables Wallbox, to gather detailed customer data via RFID technology, mobile apps, or NFC. The gathered data, then can help you to optimize your business for profit growth.


The wall attached electric car charger, Ensto Wallbox, is also fully compliant with the European regulations.


The dual charging ready Ensto Wallbox has stylish scandinavian design.


Its design appeals to EV owners today, and the years to come. Our charger can also be customized with your brand colors and logos, to give Wallbox that little extra spice to help you stand out from the crowd of competitors.


The EV wall charger ready for the future

All the above, was designed and built into Ensto Wallbox EV charger with emphasis to future. We wanted to makes sure, that with Wallbox, you can do a business decision that keeps you happy now and the years to come.


In short, the future proof Ensto Wallbox is ready to provide your target audience with easy plug & charge experience in no time. It is best suited for use in places, where it can be mounted to a wall or other vertical surface. This charger makes sure that you are ready for the rapidly growing demand for EV charging spaces, and you leave no visitor, friend or customer unsatisfied.

If you would like to know, how your business can utilize these compact and powerful EV chargers, you can download your free EV charging business models guide here.

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