Ensto in India – for Safety’s Sake

Everyone is benefitting from a growing consciousness about safety in India.

As India’s economy grows and the nation occupies an increasingly prominent place on the international stage, issues of safety are growing in importance to the citizens of this nation of 1.2 billion people.

Manish Sharma, Ensto’s Sales Manager of enclosing solutions for India and Southeast Asia, sees this desire for safety manifesting itself in increased demand for products Ensto manufactures and sells.

“In the past people weren’t aware of safety standards in electrical installation,” says Sharma. “Outdoor installation was often not distinguished from indoor installation. But now site engineers are quite interested in having the right products.”

Extreme – Indian style

Given Ensto’s Finnish roots, “extreme” is often associated with cold. But India represents the other end of the extreme spectrum. In India, for example, 45 degrees Celsius is the norm, with some places reaching highs exceeding 50 degrees.

“For India’s conditions you really need something that survives for a longer time, can handle the heat of the sun and the rainy season, too,” says Sharma. “Metal enclosures don’t survive long-term outside. After a while the boxes rust and corrode, and the electrical circuits come out. When that happens they’re simply no longer safe, and the entire metal box can hold an electrical charge.”

This has led to the popularity of engineered products like Ensto’s thermoplastic enclosures.

Safer thrills with Ensto Cubo S and D

One client to insist on international standards and the highest quality products has been India’s largest amusement park, EsselWorld, located in in Gorai, Mumbai, with nearly 100 rides and a park covering 64 acres.

The park is replacing old, metallic enclosures. “Since it’s also a water park, they were quite particular in their need for safety,” says Sharma.

“EsselWorld needed a solution for the protection of sensitive electronics outdoors. But they also value aesthetics and Ensto’s refined design fits well with the theme park’s modern approach.”

EsselWorld has placed a large order with Ensto for Ensto Cubo S and D outdoor lighting junction boxes. Since the park is open year round, only a few rides at a time can be shut down for renovations, so a solution was needed that was easy and quick to install.

The enclosures are also used in applications such as cable junction boxes used for garden lighting covering the huge landscape.

Safer motoring with Ensto Cubo O

Another to choose Ensto is Indian Oil, India’s largest oil company, and ranked 96th in Fortune’s “Global 500” listing.

The company operates over 20,000 petrol stations across India. For its 5,000 stations located in western India, “extreme” means not only high temperatures, but dust and water quickly reducing the life of electrical equipment. And human safety is also of great concern at petrol stations where electronic instruments need to be protected from surges.

Indian Oil has ordered 2,000 Ensto Cubo O enclosures to house surge arrestor devices. “Ensto Cubo O is the solution since a normal enclosure cannot guarantee protection for these devices,” says Jasjit Singh, Ensto’s Sales Manager of industrial solutions for West India, who expects the enclosures will eventually be installed in all 5,000 Indian Oil stations in Western India. Ensto’s Distributor, Dodia Electricals, and the electrical contractor, Multi Connection Systems, also played a key role in convincing the end customer to choose Ensto.

A safer India

A newly industrialized and safer India is about more than just one amusement park and one oil company. It’s a shift in consciousness that will benefit all involved, including Ensto, its customers, and, above all, the citizens of India.

“Awareness about safety is coming to India, and people are more vigilant,” says Sharma. “It’s all about giving importance to human life.”

Author: Scott Diel