Swe: New series of screened separable connectors from Ensto

Ensto introduces a new series of screened separable connectors for 12 and 24 kV underground cable networks. The new Ensto CON series screened separable connectors have a wide usage range and e.g. in connectors for 630 A, the range of 25 – 300 mm² can be covered with only three products, making the product selection easier and bringing savings in warehousing costs.

Why to choose Ensto's new screened separable connectors?

  • Wide usage ranges
  • Shear head bolt connectors
  • Same product for both 12 and 24 kV networks
  • Products are ready for use right after the installation

Ensto CON screened separable connectors are used in installing plastic cables (12 and 24 kV) into transformers, motors, and especially SF6 switchgears, both indoors and outdoors. Installation is quick and easy.

Screened 250 A elbow type straight connectors and pin type straight connectors are used for connections to transformers and switchgears up to 24kV with bushings according to EN 50180 and EN 50181, connection type A (250 A). The three-phase set includes shear-head bolt cable lugs.

The screened surge arrester can be connected to CONT630 and CONTB630 connectors. The arrester protects transformers, switchgears and transmission lines against atmospheric and switching overvoltages.

SJCW2595.2 and SJCW70240.2 additional earthing kits are used when terminating AHXAMK-W cable using CONE250, CONS250, CONT630 or CONTB630 separable connector kits.

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