Health and Safety Policy

Ensto is an international, growth-oriented family company with two businesses, which designs and provides smart and reliable electrical solutions and expertise for the distribution and usage of electricity. 

We believe in a better life with electricity and a more sustainable tomorrow.

We value our people

We build our business on people and our values, on a long-term basis. At Ensto, we regard our employees as the greatest asset of the company.

As a family business, we value the dedication, motivation, and spirit that Ensto people demonstrate in their daily work. We believe that satisfied, happy and professional employees serve our customers best.

We value diversity, openness and the competence of our people, meaningful work and professional leadership. We treat one another equally with courtesy, dignity and respect.

Healthy and safe working environment

We are committed to following Ensto’s policies and to complying with the related legislation, regulations and other applicable requirements. It is our duty to provide our people with a safe and healthy working environment, where every individual’s contribution and participation is appreciated, rewarded and encouraged.

We never compromise on work safety. Together with our employees, we take responsibility for wellbeing at work. We aim to prevent work-related illnesses and to maintain and improve working capability. We do our utmost to provide a safe and rewarding working environment and offer high-quality occupational health care.

We are committed to eliminating hazards and reducing health and safety risks. We regularly evaluate health and safety risks, and take action and measures to manage them. We investigate and report all observed incidents and near miss cases promptly, in order to prevent their recurrence. We aim at zero accidents and continuously develop our safety procedures to achieve our goal of becoming an accident-free workplace.

Focus on continuous improvement

We understand that wellbeing at work requires open communication, and continuous and systematic development involving everyone in the organization. We continuously develop our processes, methods and people to improve health and safety, and the comprehensive wellbeing of our employees.

We set goals and targets and review our performance on a regular basis. We share best practices and lessons learned from incidents, in order to continually raise awareness and act preventively.

We all have responsibility to pay attention to health and safety, and report on possible risks in the working environment. We expect everyone working at Ensto’s premises to respect this policy and act accordingly.