Markku Moilanen, President and CEO

D.Sc. (Tech) 
Working for Ensto since 2023 

Markku Moilanen started at Ensto as President and CEO on June 1, 2023. Prior to the present role Markku worked as President and CEO of YIT Group in the construction industry and as Chief Operating Officer of the engineering consulting company Ramboll Group. Prior to that he worked for several years at Fortum, one of the largest energy companies in the Nordics, being responsible for the company's customer service and its development.  

Markku is very excited about working for Ensto because of the company’s history, family culture, strategic agility and incredible amount of technical know-how, creativity, and innovation. Markku lives with his wife in Helsinki. He enjoys going out in the nature: hiking, running, cross-country or downhill skiing and hunting, and spending time at their summerhouse.