Juha Arvola, SVP, Protection Automation and Control

B.Sc. (El. Eng.)
Working for Ensto since 2021

Juha Arvola became part of Ensto in December 2021 followed by Ensto’s acquisition of majority stake in Arcteq Relays Ltd, a company co-founded by Juha. Currently he is Senior Vice President of Protection Automation and Control business. He also continues as Managing Director of Arcteq Relays Ltd. Prior to Arcteq he has worked in various global marketing and sales roles in ABB and Vamp Ltd.

As an entrepreneur and business development enthusiastic Juha finds the new era with Ensto highly interesting with endless opportunities for growth.

In his free time Juha enjoys spending time with his family of wife and two children. He can be also often spotted practicing different sports, most commonly involving some kind of racket.