The modernization of the Heat and Power Generating Plant of Jelenia Gora

Jelenia Gora is the capital of an attractive region in south-west Poland. As the most towns in Poland Jelenia Gora is supplied with thermal and electrical energy produced by a local PEC (Heat and Power Generating Plant). PEC Jelenia Gora is almost 50 years old. A major modernization project of the plant was started in order to meet the EU directives for environmental standards. During the project all the existing cast-iron panels of the plant were replaced by Ensto Cubo P panel building system which was selected to be used in the plant due to the flexibility and diversity of the system.

Ensto Cubo P is made of high quality polycarbonate. Thanks to the high degree of protection, IP65, it was an excellent choice for the dusty, hot and humid interiors of PEC Jelenia Gora. During the modernization project the plant specialists became convinced of their unique characteristics of the Cubo P panel building system. The specialists appreciated especially the fast and efficient mounting of the panel parts and the fact that Cubo P is suitable for large assemblies but also for smaller entities that can both be easily modified.

Get to know the Ensto Cubo P panel building system