Sustainability with EnstoNet to Porta Nuova Garibaldi in Italy

In the area of Porta Nuova in Milan, there is ongoing a massive building project that covers 110,000 square meters. "The future town of Milan" is planned as entirely pedestrian district with a "podium" that will be a platform e.g. for offices, residences, shops and hotel. The Garibaldi project is based on environmental sustainability, which can be seen also from Ensto's products chosen for it. The flexible EnstoNet installation system maximises the usability of the spaces in long-term.

Location: Milan, Italy
Owner: Hines
Designer: Ariatta, M2Partner
Architect: Cesar Pelli
Ordered by: Site, Elettromeccanicagalli


  • The project is part of the redevelopment of the Garibaldi-Repubblica and will be built on several levels, with a total area of 110,000 square meters. The future town of Milan boast architecture from the majestic size for which the choice of shapes and advanced materials becomes witness of fidelity to environmental sustainability as a fundamental principle.
  • Designed by Pelli as entirely pedestrian district, the project was born around a "podium", a square of 100 meters in diameter, raised six feet above the street level. This idea of a pedestrian zone from the extraordinary size arose from a plan to create continuity between the Park and the citadel of fashion: a pedestrian area surrounded by shops and offices, and a road that passes under the platform.
  • Under the podium will be made in project financing car parks for an area of over 40 thousand square meters.
  • Around the "Podium" will rise buildings eco-friendly glass and iron among the tallest of which will reach 145 meters (200 meters height considering the antenna), with residences and offices, and spaces dedicated to fashion, creativity, communication and production. A large hotel with 300 rooms close to the square overlooked by restaurants, cafes, shops, places for culture and music. Even for the construction of the hotel will be the bio principle: the most recent studies will be used in saving energy, materials innovation and environmental sustainability. The natural energy will be maximized for both heating and cooling environments and for their lighting.

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Electrical distribution for ceiling and Bus Box control F/C

  • EnstoNet System (cable set, distribution block, distribution box)
  • Decentralized power supply boxes

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