Precisely designed energy efficiency

Case: House Holopainen, Hyvinkää

House Holopainen is an energy-efficient home for two adults and a dog in Hyvinkää. The building is a passive house, meaning that it has better than normal insulation, it is very air-tight, and has an effective heat recovery in the ventilation system. The result is an ecological and comfortable home.

Living in a passive house is affordable, because heating it requires very little energy and only during the coldest time of the year. Since so little heating energy is needed, electric heating is the most sensible choice, with the lowest overall costs, for a passive house. House Holopainen is mostly heated with electricity; the total consumption of energy has been approximately only 14,000 kWh per year. This house saves more than 10,000 kWh/year, compared with a standard house, saving 1,600 euros in costs. No wonder the family members have been happy with their choice:

“Selecting a passive house was an investment in the future. Living comfort was an extra benefit,” Mike Holopainen, the father, says.

All controls for the floor heating have been implemented with Ensto’s programmable thermostats, so they can be precisely regulated.

Electric heaters have precise electronic thermostats, so the surface temperature of the heaters remains low and the temperature in the rooms stays stable.

Information about the building:

  • House insulation: a passive house
  • Square footage: 190 m²
  • Main heating source: electricity, and ventilation with heat recovery
  • Additional sources of energy: a heat-storing fireplace + solar panels
  • E-value: 142
  • Energy performance indicator: B
  • Total consumption of energy: 14,000 kWh (27,000 kWh in a standard house)

Ensto’s solutions:

  • Floor heating: Tassu S
  • Thermostats: ECO16LCD
  • Heaters: Tupa heaters
  • Lighting: AVR320 luminaires
  • Ventilation: Enervent Pandion eco EDECG EDA