Leading measuring and data-transmission technology manufacturer trusts in Ensto Cubo enclosures

Labkotec Oy is a leading Finnish manufacturer and supplier of electronic level gauges, flow detection devices and alarms, automation and detector technology, and web-based data transmission solutions. Labkotec has worked in closer cooperation with Ensto since 2002.

–We were in need of high quality enclosures for our range of oil separator alarms. We compared different manufacturers and chose Ensto because the design of their enclosures was the most appealing, remembers Jarkko Latonen, CTO of Labkotec. – Because of their high quality and durability we have since chosen Ensto enclosures for numerous other products as well.

Oil separator alarms are one of the main export products for Labkotec. They are being exported mainly to oil separator container manufacturers all over Europe.

One of the products in this range is the SolarSET alarm unit. It is a solar powered alarm and communication unit for monitoring the level of oil, sludge or damming in oil separators. The SolarSET includes OilSET-1000 and Labcom 200 units. All the units are enclosed with Ensto Cubo-enclosures.

The OilSET-1000 level alarm instrument is specially designed for oil /water separators and grease traps. It indicates when it is time to empty the separator and thus prevents harmful hydrocarbon emissions to the sewer system. The Labcom 200 Communication Unit is designed for remote monitoring of industrial and environmental measurement data.

Oil separator alarms are used in demanding environments. To ensure proper function of the device, the technology must be protected from dirt, dust, humidity and UV-radiation. Ensto Cubo enclosures fulfill all these requirements enabling safe and secure operation of each unit.

– Ensto has become our most important provider of plastic enclosures, reveals Latonen. – From Ensto’s wide and diversified range we can easily find suitable standard enclosures for all our needs. They can be ordered pre-installed and with unit specific openings, which is a great advantage, he commends.

– We have only positive experiences with Ensto enclosures, Latonen continues. – Ensto is a reliable and customer-friendly partner and cooperation with them works seamlessly. When we needed smaller than standard enclosures, Ensto was able to provide them as requested. They broadened their selection in response to customer feedback. That, among other things, demonstrates the depth of Ensto’s cooperation with and dedication to their customers, concludes Latonen.

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