Hospital electrification in Oulu, Finland

  • Architect: Aihio Arkkitehdit Oy
  • Excavation contractor: Kuljetuspolar Oy
  • Project management: Rakennusliike Lapti Oy
  • Structural designer: WSP Finland Oy
  • Building contractor: Rakennusliike Lapti Oy
  • Building consultant: Prodeco Oy
  • Electrical designer: Ramboll Finland Oy
  • Electrical contractor: Caverion Suomi Oy

The hospital's operations places special demands on building technology and this is one of the reasons why Ensto installation products were chosen for the site. This hospital in Oulu is one of the first projects with Ensto eDuct socket outlets and accessories for trunking systems. In addition, Ensto Jono luminaires and Ensto electric vehicle chargers are installed in the hospital.

- Ensto's biggest strength is their extensive product portfolio, comments Juva Rautio from Caverion Finland Oy, the electrical contractor of the site.

During the construction phase everything has to go seamlessly for safety. The 3-storey and 6,000-square-meter hospital area was to be built in 14 months. The plan was to take into account the normal use of the premises, the challenges of the hospital environment and the technical implementation of the system. The installation work was completed and the quality of work fulfilled all the requirements of the customer. The planning and implementation of the installation was completed within the given schedule and the hospital opened its doors in June 2017.

Hospital colours stand out from the traditional white

Hospitals are buildings where electricity supply has to be secured even when there is, for a reason or another, disruption in the distribution of electricity. The structure of electricity distribution is challenging and requires more reflection than the planning of the office network's distribution network, as 40-50 different systems have to be designed. In addition to the basic systems, the hospital requires 20 more specialized systems, such as patient supervision and nurse attendance.

While the colors of hospital installation products are cheerful, the primary purpose of the colors is not to delight the patients but to ensure the availability of electricity in every situation. There may be dozens of electrically-powered devices around a patient. For certain patient locations, socket outlets connected to the IT distribution network are installed. All critical, life sustaining devices are connected to UPS sockets, as well as telecommunication and restraint devices in distribution spaces. The Ensto Intro series contains all the colors required by the hospital standard.

Safety of the patients is always top priority

The choice of installation products is influenced by their quality and especially the design. In the hospital environment, functionality, practicality and design are related to patient safety, the installation products must be easy to clean and disinfect.

- The wiring accessories must be usable and technically suitable. All electrical installations must be done with particular care and not even minor errors can be tolerated. They could be fatal to the patients being treated. Hospital installations require a little more than usual. It is also important that the installation of accessories is quick and easy. Ensto's eDuct socket outlets and accessories for trunking systems fulfilled all these requirements, says Rautio.




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Note: Ensto Intro wiring accessories are only sold in Finland