Comfortable living at reasonable costs

Case: Villa Ainoa, Hyvinkää

Villa Ainoa, a passive house that has won acclaim for its well-functioning floor plan layout, adaptability and the high quality of finishing, was selected as being among the three best buildings at the 2013 Housing Fair organized in Hyvinkää, Finland.

The residents, a mother, a father and a baby, wanted their home to be warm, ecological and care-free. This is exactly what Villa Ainoa’s energy solution provides. The main heating source for the house is ventilation, equipped with effective heat recovery, an integrated air-source heat pump, and precisely adjustable electric heating. Together, these guarantee excellent living comfort at low operating costs. Best of all, the initial investments were reasonable too.

All controls for the floor heating have been implemented with Ensto’s programmable thermostats, so they can be precisely regulated. Some of the electricity for this energy-efficient home is produced with solar panels. The house is also equipped with Ensto LED luminaires and a charging point for an electric vehicle.

Information about the building:

  • House insulation: a passive house
  • Square footage: 125 m²
  • Main heating source: electricity and an air-source heat pump integrated into the ventilation
  • Additional sources of energy: a heat-storing fireplace + solar panels
  • E-value: 142
  • Energy performance indicator: B
  • Total consumption of energy: 12,470 kWh (21,000 kWh in a standard house)

Ensto’s solutions:

  • Floor heating: Ensto eWoodMat + ThinMat
  • Thermostats: ECO16LCD
  • Control: Ensto’s home-control system
  • Lighting: Ensto LED luminaires
  • Ventilation: Enervent Pandion MD-CHG