Ensto invests in the tunnel lighting segment in Norway

There are more than 1000 tunnels in Norway. Ensto has been present on the Norwegian lighting market for 25 years and is currently investing heavily in the tunnel lighting segment. Since 2017 the cooperation with Schréder, one of the world’s leading outdoor lighting manufacturers, has increased Ensto’s product offering for the outdoor lighting significantly.

Ambitious schedule for the Lunnertunnel

Jens Nilsen, Ensto's sales Manager in lighting, tells that Ensto has recently won two major lighting projects comprising a total of five tunnels and 17 kilometres in Norway. The Lunnertunnel project has been discussed a lot in the local media as the 3,8 kilometres long tunnel located approximately 25 minutes away from the Oslo Airport will be realized in an amazingly quick schedule. The tunnel will be closed for renovation only for 12 weeks. The critical project schedule calls for high-quality products, short delivery time, prompt deliveries, and seamless cooperation between the parties. The technical features of products are of great importance so Ensto is delivering the chosen Schréder TFLEX tunnel lighting products as ready-to-install solutions, where almost no installation tools are needed. The total tunnel lighting solution by Ensto, Schréder and Phoenix Contact includes calculations, lighting design and an optimal set of products that’s includes a full Lumgate and ATS controlled installation.

Spectacular Nordøyvegen tunnel entity in open water

In the west coast of Norway, four tunnels will be built in spectacular surroundings in open water. The Nordøyvegen project creates tunnels to island area where earlier only a ferry connection was available. The new tunnel network will serve 2700 residents and when ready, will be located next to the Atlantic Road. The tunnels that are currently under construction will be equipped with Schréder tunnel lighting and cabling from Phoenix Contact delivered by Ensto as of February 2021. In addition to the tunnel lighting, Ensto will be lighting up streets and a larger bridge (Lepsøybrua) of the Nordøyvegen, were the Schréder luminaire IZYLUM is used. As open water is very demanding as an environment, the lighting products must have very advanced technical characteristics – and they do. Schréder has long experience in designing and manufacturing lighting solutions also for underwater tunnels.


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Further information, please contact: Jens Nilsen, Sales Manager, Lighting, jens.nilsen(at)ensto.com, +47 90 47 45 78 


Pictures: Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune and Skanska