Ensto enclosures selected for Bingöl hybrid power plant in Turkey

Bingöl 80 MW solar and water power plant is the first hybrid power plant in Turkey. Investor of the project is Cengiz Holding and constructors Elin A.S and ERC Sistem. DC combiner boxes for the solar project were delivered by Ensto's partners Birtes and Han Enerji. Ensto Cubo C was chosen for enclosing solution due to high quality and durability for this demanding solar power project.

Enclosures with flange knockouts, polycarbonate

Ensto Cubo C is a series of medium to large size enclosures available with flange knockouts. Special features of the series allow mounting the cover onto the back of the base and include adjustable elevators for the base corner slots, enabling plates and panels to be mounted at any height.

Ensto offers you high-quality standard and customer-specific enclosing solutions. Our broad product range covers thermoplastic, polyester and aluminium enclosures, alongside related accessories suitable for extremely challenging environments. Our customer-specific service offering includes the customizing of standard enclosures, along with specially designed enclosures. We also offer integration services including the sourcing of third-party components.