Ensto Cubo W for CCTV and security-camera equipment in Poland

Ensto has provided Ensto Cubo W polycarbonate enclosures for one of the biggest structures in northern Poland, the multipurpose Ergo Arena facility, which entered use in late 2010. The venue has been equipped with numerous innovative technical solutions and can host up to 15,000 people (including standing places). In addition, there are extensive parking facilities next to the hall. All facilities are monitored by a high-tech surveillance system, mounted inside the hall, and from a nearby area.

To guarantee the safety of people visiting Ergo Arena, all electrical, alarm, and other systems have been created from high-quality components. Consequently, all connections between the surveillance system’s signal and electrical cables have been made within Ensto Cubo enclosures. The decision to use Ensto Cubo units as junction boxes was based on their reliability and weather-resistance (coping well with temperature changes, water, etc.). In addition, Ensto Cubo enclosures are certified for use in all places where the greatest value is placed on safety and human life.

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