Ensto Cubo O and S enclosures in the Tong-Ji University PV system

ENN Solar Energy is part of the ENN group of companies. In 1996, ENN Group entered the solar energy business. A global company in the solar-power business, ENN Solar Energy offers various cutting-edge solar products and service. With the development and research of various application technologies and integration solutions utilizing photovoltaic, solar thermal, and photochemical technologies ENN Solar operates in both China and the United States, in Silicon Valley.

Among the ENN Solar projects is a Tong-Ji University building. The new building of Tong-Ji University, which combines different PV system models, includes a roof and wall system, and a solar energy system of more than 6,300 mm². Ensto Electrification has, through Shanghai Ture Enclosure Electric Co., Ltd., provided ENN Solar Ensto with, in total, 1,100 individual Cubo O and S enclosure items. DC boxes are used for surge protection, switching, and wiring.

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