Kazakh customers impressed by Ensto cold shrink technology

A group of Kazakh customers from JSC CAEPC, the Central-Asian Electric Power Corporation, visited Ensto’s headquarters and the production plant in Porvoo, Finland to get to know the cold shrink technology.

Truthfully, the expectations were quite high as the visitors had a real doubt that cold shrink could work properly! According to their wish, the guests were given an opportunity to install a cold shrink termination kit on a cable section. Vyacheslav Utyabaev, Head of the Energy Distribution and Sales Department of JSC "CAEPC", who had never been working with underground cable accessories, made the installation by himself. After the installation the termination was tested in Ensto’s Porvoo laboratory under high voltage. It passed the level of the test voltage specified in the regulatory documents (equals to six times the rated voltage, 6xUo) easily! The maximum voltage the sample was able to withstand was 95kV. These results proved the customers that the quality of Ensto cold shrink accessories is really reliable and high. Moreover, the delegation members were impressed by the speed and easiness of the installation.

JSC CAEPC, the Central-Asian Electric Power Corporation is one of the leading companies in the private power generation sector in Kazakhstan. Among the companies of JSC CAEPC are JSC North Kazakhstan Electricity Distribution Network Company, JSC Pavlodar Electricity Distribution Network Company and JSC Akmola Electricity Distribution Network Company.

Upper picture from the right: Anatoliy Kazanovskiy (SK REK), Vyacheslav Utyabaev (CAEK) and Dmitry Shamanov (Ensto)

Below picture: Mukan Zuleyev (CAEK), in the front Vyacheslav Utyabaev (CAEK)