Enclosing solutions for Taipei railway

Ensto Cubo enclosures are used as signal junction boxes on the new Tu-Chen Line in the demanding environment of the Taipei Metro System. Taiwan is geographically somewhere between the tropics and the subtropics, in an area where the weather is always very humid and warm. The average temperature is over 25 °C, and during the summer it is always over 40 °C. The climate is also very wet, with an average rainfall of 2 500 mm per year.

These extreme weather conditions also make great demands on enclosure solutions: a high IP rating is a basic necessity for outdoor enclosures in Taiwan.

The customer for the project, the General Railway Signal Company, is happy with Ensto Cubo and its excellent features. Our Taiwanese partners, KIAO & JEY Co., Ltd., supplied the enclosures used in the project.


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