Cost efficiency and comfort for the whole family

Case: House Lalu, Porvoo

A family of five in Porvoo wanted to make their home family-friendly, functional and cost-efficient; the same goals also affected their choice of house model and heating system.

As the base of their house with 165 square meters, they decided upon a model with two floors, regular-sized windows, and a room height of 2.8 meters. The house’s insulation is in order, so there was no point investing in an expensive heating system; instead, the decision was made to manage heating with a ventilation unit with efficient heat recovery, an air-source heat pump, and floor heating that produces comfortable heat. The floor heating cables were installed close to the surface of the floor, to avoid the unnecessary heating of structures and provide a heating solution that reacts quickly and is precise.

“We wanted a heating solution that is easy, safe and affordable,” the mother sums up their choice of a heating solution.

All controls for the floor heating have been implemented with Ensto’s programmable thermostats, so they can be precisely regulated. Electric heaters have precise electronic thermostats, so the surface temperature of the heaters remains low and the temperature in the rooms stays stable.

Energy consumption at House Lalu has remained within the specifications and has fulfilled the family’s goals for a cost-efficient home.

Information about the building:

  • House insulation: a standard house +
  • Square footage: 165 m²
  • Main heating source: electricity, and ventilation with heat recovery
  • Additional sources of energy: a heat-storing fireplace
  • Total consumption of energy: 14,000 kWh/year (an average of 26,000 kWh in a standard house)

Ensto’s solutions:

  • Floor heating: Tassu S
  • Thermostats: • ECO16LCD
  • Ventilation: Enervent LTR-6