Case: The SAMK campus

Ensto provided solutions to ease electricity use.

In May 2017, right in the centre of Pori, the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences opened a new campus property for 3,500 students. Teaching in the 19,200m2 property began in autumn 2017. In the new property, the needs of the end users have been extensively taken into account in the design and realisation of the IT networks and in electrical distribution. A good example of this is the service poles provided by Ensto.

Sami Peltomäki, the system expert at SAMK, was responsible for the IT networks, the server room, and the electrical distribution for the end users. He explains that the choice of the service poles used on the site was affected by the multifaceted selection, high quality, and rapid delivery times, as well as, above all, the outstanding customisation potential of the products to meet the special needs.

‘The service poles delivered by Ensto have been fantastic. We were looking for a high quality, durable solution and we got exactly what we wanted. All of the special needs which we laid out were taken into account in a really exemplary way’, Peltomäki says with gratitude.

‘Ensto’s products were new to me. At the Jyväskylä exhibition, we notified several suppliers of the opportunity to come and present their products to us in more detail. Ensto’s area sales manager, Hannu Teinilä, was the only one who took up the challenge, contacted us and came for a visit. We also had alternative offers through the wholesalers from competing suppliers, which we also looked into.

The service poles provided by Ensto proved to be the easiest to modify, and the presentation of the sales representative also certainly had a big effect on the matter. The representative also visited the worksite several times and made it possible for us to get sample products for test use. We have received totally excellent service from Ensto’, enthuses Peltomäki.

SAMK mostly installed the service poles itself, using its own engineering students for help with the installations.

Sami Peltomäki is sure that Ensto’s products, such as, for example, trunking systems, will also be used at SAMK in the future. His tip is to leave out the service poles and other movable electrical distribution equipment from the construction contract, because then the end user can design electrical distribution to their own needs, which is important in, for example, classrooms.


Images: Heidi Kossi