Auguste: Reliable Distribution Networks

Auguste is the name of Ensto Novexia’s SF6 insulated overhead load break switch used to protect and operate the medium voltage electrical networks. Getting technical, SF6, or Sulfur hexafluoride, is an isolated gas used to reduce isolation distance and extinguish an electric arc. Its switch is inside a tank that allows operation in all environmental conditions.

In layman’s language, Auguste is all about efficiency in the distribution network, reducing outages and ensuring continuity of service.

Improving reliability

Auguste makes great sense for Algeria, a country with the desire to continuously improve the reliability of its electrical network. This is why the purchasing company CAMEG, from Algeria’s national power utility SONELGAZ, ordered 2,621 Auguste medium voltage load break switches from Ensto Novexia: Because Auguste perfectly meets the Algeria’s requirements.

Ensto’s Win

To win this contract, Ensto competed in a two-stage tender. “Technical approval was the first stage,” says Yves Tadec, Managing Director of Ensto Novexia. “Only companies whose products could pass difficult technical tests were considered, and Ensto went head to head against some very tough competitors.”

After the technical vetting, CAMEG then turned to price, and Ensto Novexia proved the most  competitive. This deal, valued at over 12 million euros, represents Ensto Novexia’s biggest contract to date. Just as the product itself meets tough requirements, Ensto Novexia must also. The switches are to be delivered within 12 months, and will require an increase in production capacity, plus the addition of approximately 28 temporary employees at Ensto Novexia’s Bagneres-de-Bigorre plant.

On the service side, Tadec points out that Ensto worked over two years on this project, all the time  focusing on the client’s needs. “We know our customer very well. We’ve worked hard to build a solid, trusting relationship, and we’ve gathered all our resources and brought our best abilities to this project.”

Tadec says what the client most appreciates is Ensto Novexia’s quick reaction time. Dedicated teams manage separate issues, meaning the client receives support as soon as it’s needed. Another contributing factor to winning the contract was Ensto Pro. CAMEG electricians will be trained by Ensto professionals in order to maximize efficiency in product installation and use.

Reliability and Challenges

A network is only as reliable as its parts, which are only as reliable as the company building them.  Auguste and Ensto Novexia strive every day toward that goal, to ensure its customers save energy.

“We are all very proud to get this contract within Ensto Group,” says Yves Tadec. “We are fully prepared to challenge for transforming this contract in a real success story.”


Author: Scott Diel