A major bank in the Netherlands chose Ensto's office lighting

Hoogaerts Lichttechniek, a long-standing partner of Ensto, designed and proposed its customer ABM AMRO a lighting solution for a call center. Now it is time to reveal what was behind the successful project.

“ABN AMRO has been a customer of ours since 1999 and we have implemented many great projects for them,” says Roy Hoogaerts, Product Manager at Hoogaerts Lichttechniek. As an importer of Ensto products for almost fifteen years he is well acquainted with Ensto as a company and its professional lighting solutions, in which Ensto has invested considerably in recent years.

Hoogaerts Lichttechniek specializes in the design of lighting projects in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, offices, shops, hotels, and industrial halls. Ensto’s current lighting solutions portfolio responds to those perfectly, also meeting the need of technical lighting.

Custom-made metal ceiling

The ABN AMRO call center in Nijmegen is designed for personnel operating in customer service, telephone marketing, and service lines. The spacious multilevel landscape office has a modern interior with great attention to detail and quality.

The actual technical lighting requirements in the project were clear: optimal and even illuminance level, low unified glare rating and uniformity of lighting. The architectural metal ceiling, instead, was a challenge.

“The special feature was that the ceiling is made of metal and the manufacturer supplied it with custom-made cut outs”, Roy Hoogaerts says. He found that Ensto Diana Flat luminaires are the perfect solution because they fit seamlessly into sleek design of the ceiling.

“The look of this custom-made metal ceiling, in combination with Ensto’s hidden fixture frames, showing only the microprism, is very clean. High technical and visual quality standards as well as glare free working conditions were achieved, and the high value for cost was appreciated”, he says.

In addition to office lighting, Ensto supplied outdoor luminaires for the entrance, representing the same high technical and visual quality as indoor lighting.

“The customer was very satisfied and the project itself went very well from our point of view. Today we always propose this Ensto lighting solution as a standard for ABN AMRO’ offices in the Netherlands.”

Solutions for lighting professionals

The purpose of lighting is to create high quality light for the tasks to be performed in the premises. As this case shows, there are other criteria as well, as visual quality, project-specific customization options and ease of installation.

The interior of ABN AMRO call center has more than 450 Ensto Diana Flat LED luminaires in sizes of 600x600 mm and 300x1200 mm with a DALI controller. They were installed so that no fixture frames remained visible, only the microprism is seen as an integral part on the metal ceiling.

Diana Flat LED is a slim modular luminaire series for offices and commercial premises. The edge-lit technology combined with an opal or microprism acrylic diffuser, gives finished look to even most demanding places. Solo, in turn, illuminates the terraces and entrances of the outdoor spaces and canopies. It is a surface-mounted, durable, and stylish downlight for both home and public spaces.

Today, Ensto provides an exceptional number of options for lighting professionals internationally. Services can start by finding the right solutions and continue to meet project-specific needs, providing support all the way to the end of the project. Up-to-date smart lighting features from motion detection to artificial intelligent and IoT can be added to the variety of the lighting solutions portfolio.


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