800 Marlos to light up the hypermarket

The recently-completed extension of the Prisma hypermarket in Nummela was opened to the public on 24 May 2018. The extension contains a new grocery department. The renovation of the consumer goods department, originally completed in 2000, will be started soon and is planned to be ready by the Christmas season. Ensto’s Marlo luminaires were chosen to light both the extension as well as the soon-to-be renovated section. The new Marlo luminaires are now visible in the store alongside the old lighting, and the difference is like night and day.

Pasi Toivonen from Suunnittelutekniikka Kitula Oy, the electrical designer for the Nummela Prisma, explains the different lighting outputs in the store’s various departments. ‘DALI controls are used to bring a variety of lighting to the store. Before, the lights were kept on from morning to evening and some of them were left on all night long. The new controls allow us to change the lighting situation by programming various levels of illumination. In the morning the lights are on at 20% before the store opens for business, during the day the lighting is at its strongest, and at night there is only enough light to move around by. In the fruit and vegetable department the lighting is generally kept lower and spotlights are used to bring sharper illumination to the desired targets’, Toivonen explains.

‘There were many good reasons for choosing Ensto’s Marlo LED luminaires, says Toivonen. New technology was desired for the lighting of the hypermarket and Marlo’s suitability as a retail luminaire was convincing. In addition, rails are already installed in the soon-to-be-renovated area, and Marlo fits their dimensions perfectly. ‘Changing to LED lighting will increase the amount of light in proportion to the power being used. At different lighting outputs, consumption is also lower due to the presence of these controls. With the ability to adjust the lighting level, notable savings are achieved and the luminaires lifespan is extended. The luminaire wears less and lasts longer’, Toivonen adds.

Aki Saine, the area manager for Ensto, describes Marlo’s features for store lighting. ‘Marlo’s three-row optics give an even light that doesn’t tire the eyes. The store space is a closed environment, one in which there is very little natural light, so the lighting is very important from the point of view of product presentation as well as the customers and personnel. The Marlo luminaires in the extension form a line that stretches almost from end to end of the store. The stores have good lighting now and, when the renovation project is completed by Christmas this year, there will be 800 Marlo luminaire lighting up the Nummela Prisma’, says Saine.

The sales manager of the grocery department at the Nummela Prisma, Risto-Matti Peltonen, explains that the new lighting of the extension has brought a modern style to the store, and the appearance of the luminaires perfects the look. ‘The brightness is striking when compared to the fluorescent luminaires of the old part of the store. The adjustability of the luminaires is also a plus; the store can be brightly lit all around or you can dim certain parts’, Peltonen mentions with satisfaction.

Prisma Nummela

With the extension, the store’s area expands from 4,800 square metres to 7,700.
The total surface area expands from 9,000 square metres to 15,000.

Despite the expansion in area, the energy use remains almost the same as before due to the new energy saving solutions. There are eighteen traditional cashier stands and five express checkouts. An investment of about 20 million euros. About 80 personnel, in addition to which the Prisma centre temporarily employs several persons in various tasks related to property maintenance, security, and cleaning.

Designer: Pasi Toivonen from Suunnittelutekniikka Kitula
Contractor: AM-Sähkö
Ensto Lighting provided the Marlo luminaires

The photo shows a representative of Rakennusliike Jatke, the CEO of APT Elektro Pekka Tiainen, the concept manager of Turun Osuuskauppa Jussi Virtanen, and head developer Aleksi Viljanen, all looking at the freshly-installed Marlo luminaires.