World’s best IP connector series SLIP22

The noble task of Ensto’s SLIP22 insulation piercing connectors is to keep conducting the electricity for the end users − over generations. These robust geniuses are suitable for all low-voltage overhead line distribution connections of insulated aluminum and copper main and branch conductors up to 1000 VAC. The design is equipped with a shear head screw and the shear head is insulated from the bolt and the connector body.

The IPC connector plays a key role

An overhead line cannot be built without high-quality insulation piercing connectors. They play a key role in the low voltage distribution network as they guarantee an uninterrupted electricity supply. The type tested SLIP22 connectors are weatherproof even in the harshest climatic conditions, super easy to install, and have a wide cross section which means a wide area of uses. By selecting these world’s best IPC connectors great savings in the overall line building costs can be achieved.


Family of small geniuses

According to Topi Virtanen, Ensto’s Product Manager, Overhead line products, the functionality of SLIP connectors has been proven during the 30-year lifetime of the product. He states that SLIPs are small geniuses, which have 64 contact points, whose connector types are indicated by a color plug, and which are suitable also for live line work. The SLIP family is Ensto’s best-selling series of overhead line connectors with insulation piercing. Check the whole assortment suitable for all needs here

SLIP22 insulation piercing connectors are made to last:

  • Weatherproof
  • Wide cross section: wide area of uses
  • Robust design with shear head bolt, metal springs and multi-teeth construction
  • Suitable for live line work
  • Easy and quick to install